Exist in Portraits

Exist in Portraits

It has never been more important to exist in portraits and is the reason why I paint and love photography. 
After losing my mum to cancer suddenly in 2012, I worked on a tribute video of her life and was shocked by the lack of images I had of myself with her and of her alone. My photography practice became more important than ever and went from passion to career as I felt the need to be a part of creating something special to cherish for others. 
We never know when we will lose those we care for so please, exist in portraits. For you, for those you love.

Archibald Prize 2019 Entry

Archibald Prize Entry 2019

In February I had the honour of the late, great Midday Maestro, Mr Geoff Harvey sit for me for the Archibald. We chatted about his amazing career, his love for his beautiful family and his pure passion for writing and playing music.
He was funny, witty and just so very kind to take time out from his busy touring schedule for me and it was an experience I am so truly grateful for and one I will never forget. 

He played Bach for me while I sketched him and this was so overwhelming to watch as he played with such grace and ease. The music flowed from him so naturally and filled his music studio with such power yet gentleness that was awe inspiring and I hope that my portrait conveys some of the magic of his presence. It is a presence that will be missed by many.
I’m so very honoured to be able to enter this portrait into the 2019 Archibald Prize.

During the process of painting this portrait, I created some snaps to show the journey of the painting as it was created… Check them out below.