Bec Rose Artist Walt Disney

The portrait is as important now as it ever has been.
In a time where quick digital snaps has become the way of documenting our lives the painted portrait has never been more needed. 

Many of the memories I have of my past were formed from looking at photos in albums from my childhood. They solidify the importance of get together’s, birthdays, the people we care about. 
With images now staying on our phones or computers, our children don’t have that. It feels like the value of those images don’t have the power they used to. When my mother passed away from an aggressive cancer at age 56, I realised how important the photos were. How I could sit and hold the images of her life that were captured and remember her from those images. 

A painted portrait is hung or placed in our homes with an importance and reverence that the digital images we have in excess just do not have. 
A painted portrait tells a story of character, their past, the memories they hold dear. 

I am inspired by people’s stories, their history, travels and life journey and love to chat with them while I do their portrait, whether its a photographic portrait or a painted one.

Often experimental in my application, I utilise my photography and digital skills to explore my concepts, creating original contemporary portrait paintings.

After studying an Assoc Diploma of Fine Arts at Wollongong West TAFE, I went on to work as a Painter for Walt Disney in Surry Hills, Sydney in 1994. Whilst continuing to paint over the years, I also explored many creative avenues including a range of OOAK cloth dolls and Professional Portrait Photography.

My focus is now solely on painting, capturing personality, story and history in my works.

A finalist in the 2014 & 2019 Bald Archy Prize, 2019 is set to be a large year with a solo show set for October along with entries in progress for the Archibald Prize, Portia Geach Memorial Award, Kilgour Prize, Darling Portrait Prize, Black Swan and Dobell Prize.

Bec Rose Artist Portrait Painting
Bec Rose Artist Portrait Painting
Bec Rose Artist Portraits