My love of painting started at a very young age, creating drawings and artwork as a child. 
There was so much joy received in showing my mum my latest creation.

Straight after finishing high school I enrolled in an Associate Diploma of Fine Arts before securing a position in the Paint Department at Walt Disney Television Animation in Surry Hills, Sydney. 
The love I found there, for the precise nature of the paint process, held me in great steed for my future art endeavours.

As a young woman on the spectrum, I found the requirement of being accurate and painting within the lines along with the repetition of painting the same scenes over and over very relaxing. 

Always loving a detailed portrait painting, I continued to paint and draw portraits over the next few years. 
A painted portrait tells a story of character, their past, the memories that the sitter holds dear… something a quick phone snap cannot convey.
I am inspired by people’s stories, their history, travels and life journey and love to chat with them while I paint their portrait.
I enjoyed portraiture so much that I also spent a number of years as a practicing professional portrait photographer.

Whilst I loved to paint portraits, there was another side to my artistic endeavours that had a deep calling to me.
My love for painting in an abstracted manner, experimenting with colour, texture and movement, the search for soliciting a feeling of joy and being immersed within the actual painting process as much as the joy from the final outcome of the piece.

Over the last 3 years I have been focusing exclusively on my sensory paintings. Using a unique style of layering thousands of paint marks to create texture, my sensory paintings can be touched and experienced in a whole new way. Yes! they are amazing to touch!
I paint in a traditional manner with brushes as my first layers before starting layer upon layer of marks that slowly build up a texture on my paintings that when touched gently, by following the lines of direction, deliver a sensory feeling of relaxation and focus. 
When creating my artworks the repetition of each dabbing of colour back and forth from paint to canvas over and over delivers a calmness to me that I have not found in any other part of my life. 

I love the use of bright, vivid colours, inspired by the stunning countrysides and sunsets of the Riverina to the coastal towns of the South Coast.
The beautiful native flowers that grow in the inland bush and the vibrant mix of flora that abounds in the gorgeous gardens of the Southern Highlands have always been a favorite for inspiration in my paintings.

I have been a finalist in the 2014 & 2019 Bald Archy Prize and my most memorable artistic experiences have been my Gai Waterhouse Bald Archy portrait being revealed to Gai at the Magic Millions on the Gold Coast, painting for Ronald McDonald house on the Up Close & Personal episode of Australian Idol and the absolute gift of painting a portrait of the honorable late Mr Geoff Harvey for the Archibald Prize, I dont think this will be surpassed.